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“A strong and educated woman who can be a humble leader has my vote.

A passionate and compassionate person who can be equally disciplined and rational to make the best decisions for every one of the people she hopes to serve has my vote.

Tenille has my vote.”

“Running a successful business takes hard work, dedication, creativity and leadership. We need the same attributes at City Hall. That's why I support Tenille Bonoguore. Tenille understands the important role the City can play in creating the conditions for unique local businesses to survive and thrive.”

David adlys

the Huether hotel - operating partner

Lauren Weinberg

Open Sesame - owner


“I first met Tenille as an UpTown Waterloo neighbour, when she brought my family dinner, knowing we were stuck at home with a newborn during a freezing February. Tenille is one of my husband's colleagues and a fellow Empire Public School parent: As I got to know her over the past four years, I became ever more impressed by her thoughtfulness, intelligence, and initiative—qualities she would bring to Waterloo City Council.

Tenille is a community-builder—my family never misses the Grand Porch Party, which she founded!—and she shares my vision for a more progressive, inclusive Waterloo. Tenille is committed to tackling Ward 7 challenges such as safety for cyclists and pedestrians; a lack of affordable housing; and struggling retail, and she has the experience and diplomatic skills to collaborate with our local and regional politicians on solutions.”

Sylvia Horn

Gifted - owner

“With Tenille as a City Councillor, I believe that small, independent businesses will be recognized as an integral part of a diverse and dynamic city. I’ve seen Tenille’s passion and support for the growth of this community. That is exactly what we need in our representatives on City Council.”

Neil Moser

Insight Eye Care - sales & marketing manager

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“I may live in Kitchener, but I work and spend a lot of time in Uptown Waterloo, otherwise known as Ward 7. My first introduction to Tenille Bonoguore was through volunteering with Alternatives Journal. She was in the early stages of launching the Grand Porch Party and I brought Insight Eye Care on board as a sponsor. Insight fully supports Tenille’s vision for bringing the community together through music and environmental awareness and we continue to sponsor the Grand Porch Party.

As Insight Eye Care’s sales and marketing manager, I am always looking for ways to be an active and positive member in our Uptown Waterloo community.

Voting for Tenille as Ward 7 City Councillor would bring this community a strong advocate for healthy neighbourhood growth, a robust economy and sustainable living. Tenille is one of the most kind-hearted, passionate and mindful individuals I know. Ever since she has moved into this neighbourhood she has cared so much about its growth and development; she would truly be invested in seeing our community flourish.”

Wanda Deschamps

Principal of Liberty Co, Waterloo

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When I met Tenille at the inaugural Equal Voice Waterloo chapter meeting I was immediately drawn to her warmth and personable style. Once I began speaking with her I appreciated her depth, life experiences and knowledge of the Waterloo Region, as well as her ideas for enhancing our community. I knew I would be supporting her campaign for councillor and it has been a pleasure to do so.