Happy Canada Day!

There are many things to love about Canada, from the usual beauty, freedom and seasons, to the less-appreciated quirks like butter tarts, Screech and the word "toque".

But possibly the thing I love most is that -- after 150 years as a country -- Canada is still busy with the work of creating itself. Cities are creating new forms of urbanism as we try to protect our farmland from endless sprawl. Citizens are creating new modes of connection in the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and #MeToo. Communities are implementing creative efforts to address, and hopefully reduce, the impacts of climate change. This is a country that pushes to be better. 

It's not perfect yet, but no country is. And that gives us all an opportunity. It means we all have a chance to make something in our neighbourhood, in our city, in our country, a little bit better.

For me, that's one fine reason to celebrate. Happy Canada Day.