Working together to improve cycling

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For the health of our community, we need to make it easier and more attractive for people to leave their cars at home. I served on the Climate Action Waterloo Region transportation subcommittee, and I know that we can – and must – do more to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.

As City Councillor for Ward 7-Uptown, I will strongly advocate for inclusive streets that support sustainable, healthy transportation options for all people. I fully support the goal of a minimum, region-wide grid of connected cycling lanes, primarily segregated from traffic.

We’ve seen in communities around the world that safer infrastructure leads to a significant rise in cycling. Separate bike lanes will also provide clarity for all road users, reducing confusion for drivers and helping keep bikes off sidewalks.

If elected, I will request that Council ask city staff to evaluate CycleWR's proposal, and I will work with residents, colleagues and staff at the City and Region to improve cycling infrastructure across our community.