Art matters. So do you.

Jazz Fest pic.jpg

Last month, I popped over to the Uptown Jazz Festival with some wonderful Team T volunteers to meet people and chat about Uptown. If you ever doubted these events bring people to the core, fret not. We met people from Stratford, Guelph, the townships, and two very dedicated volunteers who drove out from Toronto to help make it all happen. For one Cambridge couple, it was actually their first time coming to Uptown Waterloo!

It was a great chance to talk to residents and visitors alike. Many said they had a great trip into the City and had little issue finding parking. The bike valets were busy, too. When it came to issues, most residents just wanted to know that their voices are being heard at City Hall. And needless to say, the music was pretty great too.

Big events like Jazz Fest, the Busker Carnival (celebrating 30 years in 2018!) and the Royal Medieval Faire are one part of what makes Waterloo such a great place to live. Just as important are the community events and festivals that pop up in parks and neighbourhoods, like Afro Festival, the annual Norman Street party, the MaryAllenite hunt at Easter, and the Grand Porch Party (which I started in 2011 and is now run by a dedicated team of volunteers).

Arts and culture matter -- but our cultural life is only as strong as our participation in it. It's by getting together, by sharing space and moments, that we create community. So let's get out there together and revel in our local arts scene. See you Uptown!