On King Street, it's all about scale

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In her Waterloo Region Record column today, Luisa D’Amato called out an important point that I think got lost in the recent debate over towers on King Street, and she did it in just two words: “open sky”.

Rather than heritage or density, this is the issue that keeps coming up when I’m talking to people in Ward 7. By far, most people support intensification — as do I. By far, most people support towers on Regina and other Uptown streets — as do I.

But when it comes to King Street, most people want to retain some kind of human scale. I think of it as breathing room. With towers zoned throughout the core and mid-rise along many of the arteries leading into it, a human scale “open sky” King Street will automatically feel like a place to visit, linger, and experience.

We need vibrant new developments. We need towers. We also need to remember that it is the people, not the buildings, that make a city.

D’Amato urges voters to contact their candidates to find out where they stand on Uptown development.

I support development. I also support our official plan. These two things can work together — indeed, they are meant to work together — to create a vibrant, dense core where people want to live, work and play.